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Eat At Home Alabama

About Us

Eat At Home Alabama is a website that was created by the Alabama Grocers Association as a tool for consumers to learn how to save money, eat healthier, safely prepare and store foods, discover the joys and benefits of eating at home.

Alabama Grocers AssociationThe Alabama Grocers Association is a state trade association representing the grocery industry since 1992. With over 120 retail members operating nearly 1,000 stores statewide, as well as over 180 manufacturers, brokers, wholesalers and other members, the AGA is truly the voice of the industry. AGA is completely dedicated to assisting our members in all areas of the industry and committed to staying on top of the issues that face our members on a day to day basis.

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Why Eat At Home?

Eat at Home Alabama

  1. Save Money. The best reason to eat at home is the money you will save. If the average family of four gave up eating out one night a week, it would save the family almost $1,500 a year on food.
  2. Eat Healthier. The food is healthier when you control the ingredients and use the freshest fruits and vegetables. Check open dating information, such as the “sell by” or “best-if-used by” date, to select the freshest foods.
  3. Enrich Your Life. Studies show that the children of families that dine together tend to perform better at school and are less likely to use tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

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The Buy Alabama’s Best campaign is designed to inform and educate consumers on what products are made, produced, manufactured and/or headquartered in the state of Alabama. During these tough economic times it is important to support our local economy. Alabama food product sales have a $2 billion impact in Alabama’s economy, tax base and along with the grocery and food service industries, employ one out of every four Alabamians.

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