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Barber's Dairy


The founder of Barber's Dairy, George H. Barber, was one of this nation’s outspoken advocates for pasteurization and distribution of milk products from centrally owned processing plants. His personal role in the establishment of the US Public Health Service Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance is widely recognized. This one ordinance changed forever the way milk is processed - ensuring a sanitary and safe milk supply for the country.


In the 1940’s, Barber’s purchased dozens of small independent dairies, marking its expansion as a regional dairy processor and distributor. Barber’s ambitious growth continued as the company acquired other dairies in the 1950’s and 60’s. New manufacturing and operational headquarters came the in 70’s, as well as full-service distribution centers across the Southeast. Today, Barber’s milk enjoys the brand equity of an eighty-year old name that delivers a 92% recognition rate in its home state of Alabama. As the oldest dairy in Alabama, Barber Dairies has a respected history of delivering the best in dairy products in Alabama and parts of Mississippi, Georgia and Florida.


During World War II, when milk supplies were scarce in the area, Barber's Dairy brought in railroad cars of dairy cows from Minnesota and Wisconsin to Alabama for local dairy farmers. The dairy was able to supply its the needs of its customers’ families even though taking a one cent per quart loss. Barber’s customer-driven philosophy of service first is the foundation of the company’s approach to business.


Barber's Dairy has a long-standing reputation for raising the benchmark in quality and innovation…from the introduction of wax-coated paperboard cartons in 1949 to the use of opaque white plastic jugs in 1980’s to keep out the light that destroys nutrient content and affects taste and freshness. Direct-store-delivery is another hallmark of Barber’s that makes it possible to deliver on its everyday promise of Freshness. Guaranteed!

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