Dutch Farms

“I want Dutch Farms!”

Dutch Farms

Welcome to Dutch Farms Inc., where we are proud to offer farm-fresh Dairy, Deli, Meat and Bakery products. We are a family-owned, fourth generation, Chicago-based company with Dutch roots.

The Dutch have always been known for their dairy products …especially wonderful cheese. At Dutch Farms, we offer outstanding cheese, butter and eggs. Try our dairy products in all of your favorite recipes. Soon, you’ll be saying, “I want Dutch Farms!”

Dutch Farms History

It all started with Cornelius...

Cornelius Boomsma started the family business in 1929, as a local produce distributor on Chicago’s South Side. While the early days consisted of mostly selling produce in Roseland, the business quickly grew into Boomsma Wholesale Eggs, ran by his son “Archie” and his brothers. For the next fifty years or so, the egg business flourished. Soon 10,000, then 50,000 square feet of refrigerated warehouse space just weren’t enough! The demand for farm-fresh dairy products had expanded into Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri.

What Archie Boomsma grew and nurtured into a thriving egg business paved the way for his sons Brian and Bruce to start what is now known as Dutch Farms (est.1987).

In the 1990’s, Dutch Farms moved to our current facility in Chicago. We began delivering farm-fresh cheese, dairy, meat and deli products throughout the U.S. And today, our mission remains unchanged. We are dedicated to bringing quality dairy products to your table at a fair price.

It is with great pride, faith and sacrifice Brian Boomsma and his brother Bruce Boomsma devoted their lives to building a family business. Now into the 4th Generation of the family business, we look forward to serving you for many generations to come.


The Dutch Farm distribution center maintains over 40 state-of-the-art trucks in running our highly streamlined DSD fleet (Door Service Deliveries). Our refrigerated trucks deliver product to warehouses, supermarkets, independents and convenience stores throughout the Midwest.

For those customers outside of the Midwest (as well as international clients), we ensure the product is delivered quickly and efficiently by partnering with reputable carriers. Service is our specialty.

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